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About Us

The North Country Inn Restaurant and Motel is a family run business, established in 1984. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional service and accomodations to our clients. Our growth over the years, with the additional of luxury rooms and longer term suites, is testament to the dedication of our clients year after year.


The Motel has links to the history of our community. Our office building was once the home of Herbert Vanderhoof, the man after which Vanderhoof was named. Herbert Vanderhoof came here in the 1920s to stake out the lay of the community. He died before the community was incorporated (1926), however the community took his name. Vanderhoof means 'of the farm' in Dutch.


The North Country Inn is located in Vanderhoof, B.C. Vanderhoof is Geographical Centre of BC and is 'the heart of it all'. We are located approximately 100 km west of Prince George, and 650 km east of Prince Rupert, accessible via Highway 16.

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